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Bright Data Connector ​

Bright Data

Bright Data provides award-winning proxy networks, AI-powered web scrapers, and business-ready datasets for download. Welcome to the internet’s most trusted web data platform.


This connector supports Datacenter and ISP proxies, with plans to integrate Residential and Mobile proxies in the future.

Prerequisites ​

An active Bright Data subscription is required.

Bright Data Dashboard ​

Connect to Dashboard.

Create a token ​

Brightdata New Token Select

  1. On the left menu, select the wheel at the bottom;
  2. Click on Account settings.

Brightdata New Token Select 2

Click on Add token.

Brightdata New Token Options

  1. Select the Ops permissions;
  2. Click on Unlimited or specify a date for a limited token if wanted;
  3. Click on Save.

Brightdata New Token

  1. Remember the token;
  2. and click on Got it.

Scrapoxy ​

Open Scrapoxy User Interface and select Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a new credential ​

Credential Select

Select Brightdata to create a new credential (use search if necessary).

Credential Form

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Name: The name of the credential;
  2. Token: The token.

And click on Create.

Step 2: Create a new connector ​

Create a new connector and select BrightData as provider:

Connector Create

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Credential: The previous credential;
  2. Name: The name of the connector;
  3. # Proxies: The number of instances to create;
  4. Proxies Timeout: Maximum duration for connecting to a proxy before considering it as offline;
  5. Proxies Kick: If enabled, maximum duration for a proxy to be offline before being removed from the pool;
  6. Zone: The zone to use.

And click on Create.

Step 3: Start the connector ​

Connector Start

  1. Start the project;
  2. Start the connector.

Step 4: Interact with proxies ​

SPX Proxies

Within this connector, you can perform 2 actions on the proxies:

  1. Trash button: Initiates a proxy rotation. The session is temporarily removed and will be reused later.
  2. Cross button: Requests a replacement from BrightData to permanently replace the IP, which comes with associated costs.

Other: Stop the connector ​

Connector Stop

  1. Stop the connector;
  2. Wait for proxies to be removed.

Released under the MIT License.