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Digital Ocean Connector

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an US multinational cloud provider.


An active Digital Ocean subscription is required.

Digital Ocean Admin

Connect to Admin.

Create new credential

DO Token

On the left menu, click on API and click on Generate New Token.

DO Token New

  1. Enter scrapoxy as Token name;
  2. Select No expire for Expiration;
  3. Check the Write box on Scopes
  4. And click on Generate Token.

DO Token New Save

Remember the Token value.


Open Scrapoxy User Interface and select Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a new credential

Credential Select

Select Digital Ocean to create a new credential (use search if necessary).

Credential Form

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Name: The name of the credential;
  2. Access key ID: The Access key ID of the account;
  3. Secret access key: The Client Secret of the account.

And click on Create.

Step 2: Create a new connector

Create a new connector and select Digital Ocean as provider:

Connector Create

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Credential: The previous credential;
  2. Name: The name of the connector;
  3. # Proxies: The number of instances to create;
  4. Region: The region where the instances will be created;
  5. Port: The port of the proxy (on Digital Ocean);
  6. Size: The type of the instance;
  7. Snapshot: The name of the snapshot to use. ⚠️ Don't fill it, it will be created automatically during installation;
  8. Security group name: The name of the security group containing the firewall rules;
  9. Tag: The default tag for instance.

And click on Create.


You can retain most of the default values if they are suitable for your use case.

Step 3: Install the connector


Do not reuse an installation from a prior setup: Scrapoxy embeds a unique TLS certificate within the instance image to secure communication and communication with the Master will fail.

Connector Install Select

On the connector list, click on Install.

Connector Install

Click on Install.

Scrapoxy will start, install and stop the VM to create a custom image.

Connector Installed

When the installation is finished, click on Connectors.

Connector Start

  1. Start the project;
  2. Start the connector.


Installation creates a custom image for this region. If you have multiple regions across multiple connectors, you must perform the installation step for each region.

Other: Uninstall the connector

Connector Stop

  1. Stop the connector;
  2. Wait for proxies to be removed.

Connector Uninstall Select

On the connector list, click on Uninstall.

Connector Uninstalled

Confirm the uninstallation.

Connector Uninstalled

Wait for the uninstallation to finish: Scrapoxy will delete the custom image.

Released under the MIT License.