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NetNut Connector


NetNut provides DC, ISP, Residential and Mobiles. With NetNut, transform any websites data into accurate and comprehensive structured data.


An active NetNut subscription is required.

NetNut Portal

Connect to Portal.

Update the credentials

NetNut Account Select

  1. On the left, click on `Settings';
  2. Click on the Account tab;
  3. Click on the Generate Password button.

NetNut Credentials Update

  1. Remember the Proxy Login Name;
  2. Remember the Password;
  3. Click on Update.


The password is only displayed once. If you lose it, you will need to update it again.


Open Scrapoxy User Interface and select Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a new credential

Credential Select

Select NetNut to create a new credential (use search if necessary).

Credential Form

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Name: The name of the credential;
  2. Username: The previously copied login;
  3. Password: The previously copied password.

And click on Create.

Step 2: Create a new connector

Create a new connector and select NetNut as provider:

Connector Create

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Credential: The previous credential;
  2. Name: The name of the connector;
  3. # Proxies: The number of instances to create.
  4. Proxies Timeout: Maximum duration for connecting to a proxy before considering it as offline;
  5. Proxies Kick: If enabled, maximum duration for a proxy to be offline before being removed from the pool;
  6. Type: The type of proxies to use between Residential, ISP, Mobile and Datacenter;
  7. Country: The country of the proxies (or All for all countries);

And click on Create.

Step 3: Start the connector

Connector Start

  1. Start the project;
  2. Start the connector.

Other: Stop the connector

Connector Stop

  1. Stop the connector;
  2. Wait for proxies to be removed.

Released under the MIT License.