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Puppeteer Integration


Puppeteer is a webscraping framework for Node.JS, which provides a high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol.

Step 1: Install the library

npm install puppeteer

Step 2: Retrieve project token


  1. Open Scrapoxy User interface, and go to the project Settings;
  2. Enable Keep the same proxy with cookie injection;
  3. Remember the project token (format is USERNAME:PASSWORD).

Step 3: Create and run the script

Create a file name puppeteer.js with the following content:

import puppeteer from 'puppeteer';

(async () => {
    const browser = await puppeteer.launch({
        headless: 'new',
        ignoreHTTPSErrors: true,
        args: [

    async function newPage() {
        const page = await browser.newPage();
        await page.authenticate({
            username: 'USERNAME',
            password: 'PASSWORD',
        return page;

    const page = await newPage();

    await page.goto('');

    const content = await page.content();

    await browser.close();

Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD by the credentials you copied earlier.

Puppeteer requires adding proxy credential for every new page.


All requests made in the same session will use the same proxy instance.

Run the script:

node puppeteer.js

Released under the MIT License.