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Proxy-Seller Connector


Proxy-Seller offers residential proxy service provides business users with a premium, affordable solution to access data, ensuring top-tier quality and performance for enterprise needs.

This connector is for Rotating Residential Proxies.


An active Proxy-Seller subscription is required on Residential Proxies.

Proxy-Seller Dashboard

Connect to Dashboard.

Get the API credentials

PS Credentials token

  1. On the top right menu, click on your account;
  2. Select API menu;
  3. Check that your are on the API tab;
  4. Remember the Token.


Open Scrapoxy User Interface and select Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a new credential

Credential Select

Select Proxy-Select with type Dynamic IP to create a new credential (use search if necessary).

Credential Form

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Name: The name of the credential;
  2. Token: The token of the API;

And click on Create.

Step 2: Create a new connector

Create a new connector and select Proxy-Seller as provider:

Connector Create

Complete the form with the following information:

  1. Credential: The previous credential;
  2. Name: The name of the connector;
  3. # Proxies: The number of instances to create.
  4. Proxies Timeout: Maximum duration for connecting to a proxy before considering it as offline;
  5. Proxies Kick: If enabled, maximum duration for a proxy to be offline before being removed from the pool;
  6. Country: Select the country to use, or All to use all countries;
  7. Region: Select the region to use in this country, or All to use all regions;
  8. City: Select the city to use in this region, or All to use all cities;
  9. ISP: Select the ISP to use in this region, or All to use all ISPs;
  10. List Title: Keep Scrapoxy to use the default list;

And click on Create.

Step 3: Start the connector

Connector Start

  1. Start the project;
  2. Start the connector.

Other: Stop the connector

Connector Stop

  1. Stop the connector;
  2. Wait for proxies to be removed.

Released under the MIT License.