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Build a new connector


Crafting a new connector is recommended by duplicating an existing connector and customizing it according to specific needs. Begin with one of the following options:

  • AWS Connector: Ideal for datacenter providers;
  • Rayobyte Connector: Suited for static proxy providers (which provides many endpoints, one by proxy);
  • Zyte Connector: Designed for dynamic proxy providers with a unique API;
  • Proxidize Connector: Appropriate for hardware providers.

Run a test

For comprehensive submissions, ensure to include a test, even for new connectors (I'll handle the credential for the PR, no need to worry about that).

I advise running one test at a time:

export DOTENV_FILE=packages/backend/test/src/assets/storage-file.env

nx run connector-aws-test:test-connector


Exercise caution when running tests on datacenter providers; any failed tests may result in charges for remaining resources. Don't forget to delete them after testing.

Released under the MIT License.