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Sticky Sessions

Scrapoxy supports 2 modes for maintaining sticky sessions: through headers or cookies.

When Scrapoxy receives a response, it includes the X-Scrapoxy-Proxyname header. This header contains the ID of the proxy used to initiate the request.

To use sticky sessions, ensure that your requests include the X-Scrapoxy-Proxyname header. Scrapoxy will then route the request to the same proxy that initiated the session.

This functionality is implemented by Scrapy's middleware StickySpiderMiddleware.


Scrapoxy automatically filters this header in requests, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

To enable sticky sessions with cookies, navigate to project settings and activate the option Keep the same proxy with cookie injection:

Sticky sessions with cookies

Scrapoxy will append a cookie to all responses, ensuring that later requests from the browser are routed to the same proxy.


Cookie injection is particularly crucial when using a headless browser (Playwright or Puppeteer) alongside a residential network to prevent IP rotation between requests.

Released under the MIT License.