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Command Line Usage

Minimum versions

Scrapoxy requires a minimum version of:

  • NodeJS: 20.x.x
  • NPM: 8.x.x


Open a terminal and run the following command:

npm install -g scrapoxy


Start Scrapoxy with the following command:

scrapoxy start [options]


Options are optional and are:

--standalone-sRun as a standalone instance (equivalent to -m -c -f -r --storage file)
--master-mRun the Master module
--commander-cRun the Commander module
--frontend-fServe the User interface
--refresh-all-rRun the all the Refresh modules (includes all --refresh-xxx options)
--refresh-connectorsRun the Connectors refresh module
--refresh-freeproxiesRun the Freeproxies refresh module
--refresh-metricsRun the Metrics refresh module
--refresh-proxiesRun the Proxies refresh module
--refresh-tasksRun the Tasks refresh module
--storage <type>Choose storage between file, distributed or memory)
--distributed <mode>Choose distributed storage mode with --storage distributed between read, write, both
--help-hDisplay help for the command

There is the flexibility to launch each module individually, group modules, or initiate all modules simultaneously. The default storage setting is file.

For additional details on the Master, Commander, Frontend, or Refresh modules, refer to the Architecture section.

Released under the MIT License.